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Witches Knot Protection Amulet Pendant Necklace Silver Pagan Witch Accessory Witchcraft Gift

Witches Knot Protection Amulet Pendant Necklace Silver Pagan Witch Accessory Witchcraft Gift

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Witch knot charm necklace. Pendant has swirl detailing on one side and is plain on the other, see pics/video for both sides.

Pendant is roughly 1 1/4 inches long 

Comes with black cord necklace, adjustable 18-20 inches long

Clasp is a lobster clasp.

Silver tone 


We believe in the world where magic resides in every little thing, and we can't wait for you to be a part of it. 🔮

**🌟 Enchanting Witch Knot Protection Charm Necklace 🌟**

Channel your guide’s/your own protection utilizing this witch knot protection symbol.

🌿 Protection Charm: The Witch Knot charm symbolizes the protection and magical power, attracting positive energies to the wearer and repelling any form of negativity.

🎁 Gift idea: This Witch knot Necklace makes a great gift for any witch needing a bit of protection OR a witch still in the broom closet. A lot of people see this symbol as a “safer” way to exist openly in unsafe spaces as many people assume it is a cross.

🌟 Personalized Touch: Create your own unique combination by layering with other pendants and necklaces for specialized spells. For example- layer with clear Quartz to amplify your intentions and Aventurine for a boost of abundance.

🐾 Our Environmentally Friendly practices: The Worthy Witch takes pride in reducing packaging “waste”. Please know that our items will always ship to you in a safe, protected way but will often include recycled packing materials.

Here is a further break down of this promise:
Here's a break down of our efforts to use eco -friendly, sustainable packing that matches our love for Gaia.
* Reuse packaging sent to us in orders (when feasible)
* Cardstock is Sustainable Forestry Initiative Certified (and recyclable)
* Tissue paper is often reusable (and it's compostable)
* Paper shred filler is made in house using junk mail, paper bags, etc to give it one more life cycle. All recyclable.
* Paper used for labels, packing slips (wholesale orders only) etc is sustainably made using sawmill waste chips created with wind energy and hydro power. This means a lower carbon footprint and less water used (close to 50% less than most paper)
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