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Týr prayer beads Norse God

Týr prayer beads Norse God

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For those who seek the favor of Týr, the mighty Norse deity of Justice and War, these prayer beads are a sacred and powerful tool. As the God of Oaths and a powerful sky presence, Týr is a deity to be revered and honored.


🛡️Gemstones- Blue Agate, Grey Agate, Teal Crackle Agate and Snowflake Obsidian

⚔️ Charms- Mistletoe Holly, Sword, Spearhead, Cloud, Oath Ring, North Star

🌟 May my Oath guide me 

The North Star layered over an Oath ring is the reminder to look to Týr for guidance on your path as you maintain your Oath in life.

14 1/2 inches long. Silver plated alloy. Nickel and lead safe (formerly called nickel free)

Please note: you will receive this exact one, some of the beads are not "perfectly" round or have little dip marks in them. Nature is beautifully perfect in Her own right but I always give full disclosure about these things. 

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