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Triskele anklet or bracelet, adjustable and 100% cotton

Triskele anklet or bracelet, adjustable and 100% cotton

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Triskele (or Triskelion) adjustable bracelet (or anklet). The Triskele symbol has many associations in Paganism and is used directly with Cernunnos, the God of Wild things.

I tried to offer sizing that would work well as bracelets or anklets for men, women and everyone in between. Feel free to message me if you are unsure which one to get!

Please remember that the piece needs to slide over your hand or foot, if you are unsure definitely size up or message me to double check.

Small- Roughly- 7 - 9 ½ inches
Medium- Roughly 9- 12 inches adjustable
Large- Roughly 13-16 inches

Link is Bronze plated brass, cord is 100% waxed cotton in dark brown
Cord is lightly waxed/polished (not sticky) to prevent the cord from fraying and makes it easier to slide it open and closed but holds the knots tight enough.

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