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Loki and Sigyn inspired Fox necklace

Loki and Sigyn inspired Fox necklace

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Fox necklace.
Design guided by Loki for Himself and Sigyn.

Brass Fox necklace with handmade fox cabochons. They are watercolor prints so the image is not crisp, if that makes sense. I crafted the cabochons myself however the images belong to an amazing artist here on Etsy. I have proof of purchase/rights to use the image in finished products like this one in case anyone needs to see it. :)

Necklace is detailed with Tiger Eye gemstone and Fire Agate faceted beads. The pendant has AB orange Aura Quartz shards wrapped in copper and black wire.

Adjustable 16 1/2 - 20 1/2 inches
Brass, copper wire and black wire.

Not super heavy but it's a statement necklace, so expect some weight


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