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Oceanic Deity kit in a candle- Soy

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Full spell in a jar

Just add flame and intention

Enjoy gifts for you and your altar as the candle burns away the roadblocks in life.

As with any candle, they are safe with reasonable use. Do not leave burning candles unattended, and carefully remove the gifts with a spoon, as they are revealed.

Oceanic deity offering kit in a candle:

Good for intention work or offering to sea associated deities such as, Poseidon, Amphitrite, Triton, Njord, etc.

Scent: Sea salt, water mint and beach plum:


Sea salt: purification, spiritual protection, devotion, and connection to the sea

Water mint: purification, protection, abundance and success

Beach plum: protection, adoration, respect, and divine love.

Also contains: sea salt, and water mint (see above properties),

Sea glass, sea sediment jasper, and shell, as well as a shell in a bottle pendant.

Sea glass: while man made, sea glass is charged with the energy of the sea which transforms it, as well as the energy of those who remove it creating an atmosphere of cleansing and renewal. It’s properties include rebirth, renewal, transformation, healing, and personal growth through adversity.

Sea sediment jasper: protection, healing, love, understanding and peace.

Shell: protection, water elemental connection, emotional cleansing.

Care information

JEWELRY CARE: We recommend taking off jewelry before swimming, bathing or exercising.

To keep from tarnishing store in a jewelry box away from moisture & sunlight.

MUGS AND BOTTLES: No soaking, hand wash only. No dishwashers or microwaves.

OTHER: It feels impossible to provide a full list for cleaning as our products change often so please feel free to reach out if you ever have a question about cleaning our work.