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Elemental Botanical Ritual Salts- Set of 4- Made to order

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Made to order, fresh for you!

*Please allow up to 5 extra days for your order to ship, if you need your order shipped asap please email first to check our current processing times.*

Receive a set of 4 salts, one for each Element, Air, Water, Fire, Earth.

Each tin has element listed in vinyl. Reuse the tin for elemental work or remove the vinyl and reuse the tin for other needs.

Roughly 2 oz of salt per tin

Uses for ritual salts:

Addition to crystal charging bowls and tarot bags to “feed your tools”. (Make sure your crystals are salt, water, or heat safe before using any individual charging method).
Ritual baths
Cleansing rituals
Abundance bowls
Elemental magic rituals
Purification rituals
Calling the corners
Protection rituals
Sprinkle over your threshold to ward against negativity and bring blessings to all who enter.

Fire: Himalayan Pink Salt base


Red rose: love, intuition, passion
Calendula: sun energy, prosperity
Golden chrysanthemum: longevity, joy
Cinnamon: purification, divination
Ginger: fire energy, speeds up magical results
Smoked paprika: energizes and ignites intentions
Volcanic ash: purification, grounding, connection to the primordial flame

Water: Sea salt base


Cornflower: protection, abundance
Water mint: Purification, enhances energy flow
Jasmine: love, spiritual development, harmony, peace
Aster flower: love, protection, water energy, connection with the soul

Earth: Black salt base

Lavender: Consecration, peace
Mugwort: Protection, astral travel
Oak moss: Earth energy, Crone magic, wealth, prosperity
Tulip: love, ambition, strength
Clary Sage: balancing, grounding, intuition, rejuvenation, longevity

Air: Sea salt and Himalayan pink salt base


Charcoal: purification, cleansing
Parsley: protection, dream work
Mint: purification, enhanced energetic flow
Fern: Good fortune, protection, storm magic
Blackberry leaf: healing, fertility, spiritual enhancement
Calendula: sun energy, prosperity
Lavender: consecration and peace
Blessed thistle: protection, endurance, spirit communication

Care information

JEWELRY CARE: We recommend taking off jewelry before swimming, bathing or exercising.

To keep from tarnishing store in a jewelry box away from moisture & sunlight.

MUGS AND BOTTLES: No soaking, hand wash only. No dishwashers or microwaves.

OTHER: It feels impossible to provide a full list for cleaning as our products change often so please feel free to reach out if you ever have a question about cleaning our work.