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Brown tree Agate kit

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Tree pendant 1 inch

Wooden teardrop pendant, about 1 inch

Golden Titanium Quartz shards (has holes for crafting)

Agate slice (a bit over 1 inch) and Tiger eye stones (1 inch and smaller)

Receive these exact stones. 

Ideas for use:

-Create grids

-Wrap and wear

- Keep on your altar

-Use them with affirmations

-Boob stones. Yep, in your bra. Keep them close. lol Or you know, pockets. Whatever works for you.

Agate - Stabilization

Known for it's grounding and supportive energies, Agate is in the quartz family, and is sought after for it's healing and stabilizing properties. It is helpful to those known to worry or overthink things, bringing a sense of support and peace when modern life is overwhelming. 

Tiger Eye - Clarity 

Tiger eye brings protection and luck to it's wearer. It has the power to focus the mind bringing mental clarity, and assist in problem resolution. It allows objectivity and prevents mental clouding due to intense emotional responses. It is useful in healing, and dispelling fear and anxiety. 

Titanium Quartz-Higher Self

Titanium Aura Quartz is used to enhance personal power. It is a high-energy stone that can remove blockages in your personal energy fields making it perfect for Chakra work, especially Third Eye and Crown chakras.

Care information

JEWELRY CARE: We recommend taking off jewelry before swimming, bathing or exercising.

To keep from tarnishing store in a jewelry box away from moisture & sunlight.

MUGS AND BOTTLES: No soaking, hand wash only. No dishwashers or microwaves.

OTHER: It feels impossible to provide a full list for cleaning as our products change often so please feel free to reach out if you ever have a question about cleaning our work.