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Bad habit banishing spell jar-Restocked!

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Skull glass jar is roughly 2 inches tall


Bad habit banishing:

Himalayan salt: To purify

Garlic: To protect and banish negativity.

Rosemary: To purify and detoxify.

Thorny rose stem: to pierce the negative bubble and release toxicity.

Amethyst: to overcome negativity and emotional blockage.

Clear quartz: To purify and bring clarity.

Skull jar: To aid in laying toxic traits to rest.

Care information

JEWELRY CARE: We recommend taking off jewelry before swimming, bathing or exercising.

To keep from tarnishing store in a jewelry box away from moisture & sunlight.

Wipe with jewelry cloth to clean off patina as desired. 

OTHER: It feels impossible to provide a full list for cleaning as our products change often so please feel free to reach out if you ever have a question about cleaning our work.